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Kids and babies are very sensitive to the environment. So, all products for them should meet high standards of quality. Tazoy online store provides various toys, as well as other goods for kids and babies, and explains what they should be like.

First of all, products for children should be safe. Toys, clothes and accessories should not contain any sharp details or small elements that can be swallowed or inhaled. All materials should be hypoallergenic.

Toys should be selected in accordance with the child’s age. A baby does not need a transformer or a puzzle, and a teenager is unlikely to feel interest in building blocks. Toys should not be scary or too difficult to play with.

There are numerous types of toys, they differ in appearance and in skills they develop. Traditionally toys are divided into items for girls and for boys, but it does not mean that, for example, a girl shouldn’t play with cars – it all depends on the child’s tastes and preferences.

Nowadays children can not only play with different dolls – they can have special doll houses with tiny furniture and LED light; their dolls have their own clothing and accessories, and it looks like a dream that many of us had in our own childhood.

Plush toys are always pleasant to play with – even the adults love them! Your baby will love such a cutie as this Luminous Soft Stuffed Plush Pillow Toy that is so pleasant to fall asleep with.

Educational toys, puzzles, sorters, and building blocks train both fine motor skills and mental activity. Electric RC cars and helicopters or Tamagochi Cute Electronic Virtual Pet Toy can become a great present for people of all ages.

As for kids and babies apparel, it should be comfortable, soft and warm enough. Our store offers cute dresses, rompers, pajamas, and a wide variety of baby socks. In a word, if you need some kids and babies products, including toys, welcome to!

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